UPDATE 10/16 9:00PM CST: All maintenances. are now complete.

UPDATE 10/14 10:00AM CST: The cloning process is now complete. The next step is the actual maintenance task on Monday evening..

UPDATE 10/13 3:00pm CST: Rackspace has confirmed the cloning process is at 60% complete. The ETA for cloning completion is still EOD Saturday. Websites with AConneX connections are likely going to continue to see virtually non-functional performance degradation until this step completes.

Our data center Rackspace has discovered an issue on one of our hypervisors that requires immediate maintenance. Accordingly, we proceeded with this maintenance starting late Thursday evening. Please see details and important notes below.

Maintenance #1 Precautionary Server Cloning When: October 12th, 11:30pm CST (estimated 54 hours) Note: Once the cloning starts it cannot be stopped, or else if it is for any reason, it has to start all over. Please note that there is a chance for degradation in performance during the clone operation that may affect your website performance.

Maintenance #2 Replace the failed cache module and flash the firmware of the hypervisor When: Monday October 16th, 7pm CST (estimated 3 hours) Note: It is required that the servers be turned off during the duration of this maintenance. Your website will be offline during this time.